Monday in Hawkville

A recap of the day’s activities:


The plays that got away. Today was supposed to be dedicated to forgetting about what transpired at Candlestick Park on Sunday and “getting right” for this week’s game against the Atlanta Falcons at Qwest Field.

But part of that process was the video review of the 40-21 loss to the 49ers in San Francisco, and six plays jumped off the screen – without the aid of 3D – for coach Pete Carroll.

“We really had 50 really good plays on defense, and six horrible plays – over 200 yards in six plays where big things happened to us where we had either missed tackles or we broke down on a couple of assignments,” he said.

“We just gave them all the chances that they needed.”

It’s hard to argue when those plays are examined:


On the 49ers’ game-opening drive, Alex Smith passed to tight end Vernon Davis for 22 yards on third-and-10 and then for 42 yards and a touchdown.

On the drive to the 49ers’ second touchdown, Smith passed to wide receiver Josh Morgan for 21 yards on third-and-7 and rookie running back Anthony Dixon then broke a 34-yard run.

On the drive to the 49ers’ third touchdown, on a third-and-4 play, Smith went to running back Brian Westbrook with a short pass that quickly became a 62-yard score.

On a third-quarter drive to a field goal, on a third-and-8 play, Smith went to Morgan again – this time for 46 yards.

Six plays, 227 yards, zero hope for the Seahawks.

“As we went over on the film with the players, it’s just about being really precise about your pursuit angles and just finishing the tackle,” Carroll said. “Just things happened in this game that we regret and wish we would have made better of. But they’re all things that we can fix and correct.

“And we have been able to do this at times, so hopefully we’ll do it this week. So we’ll look forward to getting that done.”


The big news, of course, is the surgery to repair the broken right leg that wide receiver Deon Butler got late in the game while catching a 2-yard touchdown pass. He had surgery on Sunday night and will be placed on injured reserve.

But Carroll also said that leading receiver Mike Williams (sprained ankle) and starting flanker Ben Obomanu (lacerated hand) should play against the Falcons.


The league has moved the kickoff for the Seahawks’ Dec. 26 game in Tampa to 4:15 p.m. local time, or 1:15 Seattle time. That should be good for the Seahawks, who have struggled over the years when playing East Coast games that start at 10 a.m. Seattle time.


The strangeness that is the NFL is evident not only in the Seahawks’ up-and-down performances, but also in a couple of teams the Seahawks have played.

In Week 2, they lost the Broncos in Denver 31-14. Since then, the Broncos are 2-9. In Week 6, the Seahawks beat the Bears in Chicago 23-20. Since then, the Bears are 5-2.

As for the Seahawks’ inconsistency, QB Matt Hasselbeck said, “It is puzzling, because we think we’re a lot better than we showed (Sunday). So it is puzzling. We practice a lot better than we showed. I know we are better than we showed. If you just see us play on Sunday, you’re scratching your head and you’re saying, ‘What the heck is the deal with this team?’

“But we can’t worry about that. We know what we can do and we’ve just got to keep pushing forward and be the best we can.” 


With seven catches against the 49ers, running back Marshawn Lynch became the eighth player to lead the Seahawks – or share the lead – in receiving in a game this season.

The others: Williams (six times), Brandon Stokley (four), Butler (three), John Carlson (three), Deion Branch (one), Justin Forsett (one), Obomanu (one).


“I think we’re going back and forth. I don’t feel the consistency of growth that I wish we were – particularly here at the end of the season, where everybody’s working hard, everybody is the recipient of playing together for so long. If you get your stuff right you should be playing better, better, better as you go along if you’re doing things right. And it doesn’t feel like that. It feels like we’ve gone back and forth.” – Carroll

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