Letting go

Human tendency, especially in football, says to mercilessly hold on to pain.

Human tendency, though, must find its way out of Virginia Mason Athletic Center today as the Seahawks aim to rebound and move on past Sunday’s 40-21 defeat in San Francisco.

“We can’t let this game linger,” Coach Pete Carroll told his players during this afternoon’s team meeting. “That’s not going to help us. It’s dead already.”

The players are watching the game film with their position coaches now, but immediately after that two-hour session, the defeat will be a distant memory and the focus will be entirely on the Falcons game in six days.

“Let’s learn from the film, then throw it in the garbage can and let’s get moving,” Carroll said. “Let’s let it go.

“We’ve got it get it right. It’s going to happen. Let’s recapture it.”

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