Talking turnovers

Turnover Thursday is more than a catchy alliteration.

It’s the theme of the day for good reason, as turnovers continue to be the reason for the Seahawks’ peaks and valleys in 2010. Limit turnovers and create a lot of takeaways, and Seattle wins. Vice versa, and the Seahawks lose.

The Seahawks had a -2 turnover margin in Sunday’s loss, putting them at 0-5 when in the negative. On the other hand, Seattle is 4-0 with a plus turnover margin, and 1-1 with an even margin.

The correlation isn’t limited to the Pacific Northwest. In 2010, NFL teams with a plus or even turnover margin are 147-29, equivalent to a whopping 84 percent winning percentage. In Week 12, teams in plus or even went 14-2.

“Turnovers are the story of this League, especially this season,” Coach Pete Carroll said during this morning’s team meeting.

Carolina is -8 on the season, fourth-worst in the NFL.

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