Looking for consistency

Pete Carroll went to an old football motivational tactic in the team meeting this morning.

Comparing the season to a 16-round heavyweight fight, Carroll made it clear that the bout is far from over. He also was adamant that regardless of what’s happened or what will happen, only one “round” matters now, and that’s the matchup against the Panthers on Sunday at Qwest Field.

“We came out with some good early rounds, but then the middle rounds didn’t go the way we wanted,” Carroll told the players. “But now we have one round, and we’ve got to come out smoking.”

Sunday’s game also affords the Seahawks a perfect opportunity to play at their best, regardless of their opponent. The challenge, Carroll says, is to “find consistency” so that they’ll play the same against the 1-10 Panthers as they would a 10-1 team.

“If you believe in the preparation process to get ready for this game, you’ll come out and play like you’re capable, because it doesn’t matter who you play,” Carroll said to his team. “The opponent doesn’t matter — how you play does. When you think like that, you find consistency in your game.

“It’s how you find consistency, finish the season and win championships.”

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