Tapering down

December and the beginning of the end have arrived, and starting today, the midweek schedule is reflecting that.

Today marks the first day of an adjusted agenda that will take the Seahawks through the completion of the season. The abbreviated schedule — shortened by a little more than one hour each day as compared to previous Wednesdays and Thursdays — is designed to keep the players mentally and physically fresher on the two most demanding days of the week during the homestretch of the season.

Here’s a look at the agenda that’ll be used on Wednesdays and Thursdays through the remainder of the 2010 campaign:

7 a.m. • Weightlifting
8 a.m. • Meetings begin
11 a.m. • Walk-thru
11:45 a.m. • Walk-thru ends
12:30 p.m. • Practice begins
2 p.m. • Practice ends; lunch
3 p.m. • Post-practice meetings

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