Feeling a little ‘fa-Clem-pt’

With apologies to the Linda Richman character that Mike Myers made infamous on “Saturday Night Live,” I got a little faklempt this morning while reading Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” on SI.com.

Or, “fa-Clem-pt,” if you will.

Someone has finally recognized the job Chris Clemons is doing as the Seahawks’ “Leo” defensive end this season, and his especially impressive and impactful performance in Sunday’s bigger-than-big win over the Cardinals in Arizona. King selected Clemons as his “defensive player of the week.”

Offered King: “One of the league’s most underrated defensive linemen, Clemons led a punishing Seattle pass-rush. His two sacks, two tackles for loss, pass deflected and fumble recovery – a month for some players – keyed Seattle’s 36-18 win over Arizona on the road. The Seahawks are one of the strangest teams in the league, and an 18-point road win is an exclamation point on that. But as long as they get the kind of disruptive front-seven play they got Sunday in Arizona, they’ll have a good chance to win the worst division in the league in years.” Clemons not only will take the honor, he deserves it.

Three of his 7½ sacks in the first nine games have come in the home-and-home sweep of the Cardinals, something the Seahawks had not done since 2005. That surpasses Clemons’ total the past two seasons while playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, and with one more sack he’ll exceed his career-high total of eight in 2007 when he was playing with the Oakland Raiders.

If the coaches take the same aggressive approach in this week’s game against the Saints in New Orleans, Clemons’ milestone sack could come against Drew Brees.

Now that would be a truly “fa-Clem-pt” moment.

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