A helmet-to-helmet hit?

Matt Hasselbeck’s concussion got to his head.


Following his concussion suffered during the Oakland game two weeks ago and the resulting missed game last week, Hasselbeck returned to the practice field this week wearing a new helmet for the first time in nearly 10 years. The starting quarterback switched inside the Riddell helmet family, going from the rounder “VSR4” to the more aerodynamic-looking “Revo Speed,” which has “tested out safer than his last helmet,” head equipment manager Erik Kennedy said.

Not only is it slightly safer, but Hasselbeck also likes the new headgear for its fit too.

“It’s more comfortable,” said Hasselbeck, who had worn the same “VSR4” style since 2001. “I feel good about it.”

The latest helmet technology offers precautionary measures that could better protect the quarterback’s head.

“All the helmets are up to safety standards so it’s all about comfort and fit from there,” Kennedy said.

Besides his own comfort, Hasselbeck also had to make sure the coach-to-quarterback communication devices would fit comfortably inside the helmet. But after three practices this week, Hasselbeck said the four AAA batteries, receiver and two speakers made it inside the helmet without any complications and annoyances during on-field action.

“We’ll see how it goes in the game, but it’s looking like a permanent switch,” Hasselbeck said.

Matt Hasselbeck wore the same “VSR4” helmet style since 2001, until switching this week. [Photo by Rod Mar, Seahawks.com]

Hasselbeck, who’s returning to action after sitting out one game with a concussion, has changed helmets to a “Revo Speed” style, which has tested out safer than his previous style of helmet. [Photo by Rod Mar, Seahawks.com]

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