Getting snappy

When it comes to one subsurface area of hopeful change for the second half of the season, the Seahawks have three words for you.

Snap to it.

Halfway through 2010, the offense has been seeing a lot less of the field than the defense, with a difference of 470 to 552 snaps. That’s a difference of more than 10 snaps per game (58.8 to 69), and something that, if flipped around, would be one of the harbingers for greater success during the latter half of the season.

More snaps for the offense means more chances to score, more rest for the defense and fewer chances for the opponent to put up points — also known as a win-win-win scenario. Seattle has had more snaps than its opponent in just two games this season, unsurprisingly winning both (Chicago and Arizona). On the other hand, the Seahawks are 2-4 when the opponent has more snaps, including Sunday’s 41-7 drubbing by the Giants, who more than doubled Seattle’s snap total (79 to 37).

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