Ups and downs: Examining the stats

Jekyll and Hyde have nothing on the Seattle Seahawks.

In their four wins and four losses this season, the Seahawks have been a markedly different team, especially in several key statistical categories such as turnovers, sacks and third down conversions. Take a look:

  • In the four wins, the Seahawks have 12 takeaways and four giveaways while recording just two takeaways and 10 giveaways in the four losses. They’re a combined +8 in wins and -8 in losses.
  • Seattle has 14 combined sacks in its wins and just seven in its losses.
  • The offense converts 40 percent of third downs in the victories and just 26 percent in the defeats.
  • The defense allows just 17 percent of opponents’ third downs to convert in wins (only converting nine of 53 attempts), while foes are successful on 48 percent of third downs in the losses. That’s a difference of 31 percent.

These huge disparities are grounds for concern — but also show exactly which areas the Seahawks need to improve in order to find more stability and evenness.

“We can’t keep playing like this if we want to win regularly,” Coach Pete Carroll said. “We need to find consistency in these areas.”

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