Turnovers galore

It’s Turnover Thursday at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, and the Seahawks are hoping it’ll be Turnover Sunday at Qwest Field, too.

After all, the opponent is ripe for a turnover harvest.

The Giants have given up 21 turnovers in seven games this season while taking away 16, giving them a -5 turnover margin. On the other hand, the Seahawks are at +2 with 13 takeaways and 11 turnovers in 2010.

The Giants’ turnover issues seem to start with the quarterback. Eli Manning has thrown 11 interceptions and lost four fumbles so far this season, continuing a career-long trend of giving the football up. In 96 career games, Manning has tossed 99 interceptions and fumbled 58 times, losing 26 of them. That’s 125 turnovers in his career, or 1.3 per game.

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