The search for a free FanVision

Looking to get a free FanVision?  If so, your search starts here.  We have hidden a picture of FanVision (shown above) somewhere on  The first 50 people to find the image, click on it, and provide their email address by 2pm on Friday will be entered in a drawing for two free FanVisions.

If you haven’t heard of FanVision make sure to check out Ben Malcolmson’s recent post on this great device.

UPDATE: A couple of tips/hints 1) the correct image has Olindo Mare on it just like the pic shown above. Other FanVision images such as the one on the homepage are not correct 2) Some hints: the numbers 3,250, 443, and 7.85

UPDATE: Congrats to the lucky 50 who have found the special link.  We will select the two winners tomorrow afternoon.  If you didn’t find the special link or weren’t one of the first 50 you can order your own FanVision by clicking here

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