New York state of mind

Chris Baker will see a familiar logo on Sunday at Qwest Field.

The tight end, who was born and raised for part of his childhood in Queens, N.Y., knew all about the Giants growing up on Long Island. He knew all about the Jets, too, since he was kind of caught in the middle of the New York gridiron rivalry.

“Everyone always picks either the Jets or the Giants but I rooted for both,” said Baker, in his first season in Seattle but ninth year in the NFL. “It’s just the way it shook out as a kid.”

Baker was drafted out of Michigan State by the Jets and played seven seasons there, so if you’re looking for any sentimental value to Sunday’s game for Baker, this matchup will feature the wrong New York team.

“It’d be a little special if we were playing the Jets,” Baker said. “But this is just another game.”

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