Disciplined to the task at hand

Like they do every Wednesday morning, the Seahawks shuffled into the auditorium for a team meeting at 8:45 a.m. today, already moved beyond the previous game and already focused on the upcoming matchup.

In the land of opportunity that is the NFL, the past — no matter how glorious or how humiliating — can’t and won’t dictate the future, so moving on is the only course of action come Wednesday and the official start of the next cycle of game preparation.

“We must have a discipline of coming in on Wednesday and get going again, regardless of what happened in the last game,” Coach Pete Carroll said. “We need to get ourselves ready to go.”

For the Seahawks, that means forging on and forgetting the 33-3 loss in Oakland and concentrating entirely on the matchup against the New York Giants on Sunday at Qwest Field. It’s a “discipline,” as Carroll says, and one they must employ each week to obtain wins on Sundays.

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