Putting things into perspective

Perspective can be a wonderfully liberating thing, which is probably why Coach Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are clinging to it so much today on “Tell the Truth Monday.”

The emphasis of the day is about learning from the 33-3 loss in Oakland — but then walking away from it for good.

“Let’s put this game in the right place and leave it,” Carroll told his team today. “It won’t help us one bit to dwell on it. We have to leave it behind. And it’s no different than beating Arizona or Chicago — we’ve got to leave this where it is.”

The only saving grace of the humiliating defeat is that it just counted for one loss, and there are still nine games to play in the 2010 season.

“This is marathon in the NFL,” Carroll said to the players. “Get tough and let’s get moving. There’s nothing we can’t do. Let’s put this behind us and go forward.”

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