Game day awaits

PALO ALTO, Calif. — That’ll do it for the Seahawks on game’s eve.

After an evening full of meetings, the team is calling it a night, with game day just around the corner. Wakeup calls will come at 9 a.m., the pregame meal will be served starting at 9 and buses will begin heading to Oakland Coliseum at 9:30. Here’s a look at the schedule for game day:

9 a.m. • Wakeup call
9 a.m. • Pregame meal
9:30 a.m. • First buses depart for Oakland Coliseum
10:30 a.m. • Second buses depart for Oakland Coliseum
1:15 p.m. • Seahawks vs. Raiders (on FOX)
6:15 p.m. • Estimated departure from Oakland International Airport
8 p.m. • Estimated arrival at SeaTac

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