Throwbacks? Not happening

The Seahawks face the Raiders on Sunday in Oakland in a flashback tilt to when both teams were in the old AFC West.

The matchup might be a classic, but the uniforms will not be.

Some Twitter scuttlebutt — incited in part by a tweet from Matt Hasselbeck earlier this week — called for the two squads to don throwback garb this weekend to commemorate the old-school matchup and the fact that the game is on Halloween.

But because of NFL rules, the Seahawks won’t be wearing throwbacks this Sunday, this season or even next year.

Jersey changes — throwback, alternate or otherwise — must be approved by the NFL 18 months before the season. So for the Seahawks to have worn old-school uniforms this weekend, it would’ve had to be cleared in March 2009. And the Seahawks didn’t submit any attire change requests this March either, so the Seahawks will be wearing their normal jerseys all of this season and next, according to head equipment manager Erik Kennedy.

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