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Pep Talk

Never Save Your Best

Seahawks kicker Olindo Mare was playing in a youth soccer match one day and at half time told his Dad, “I’m saving my best for the second half.”

“No, you make sure you play every minute like it’s your last,” his Dad told him. The 15-year NFL veteran has been doing that ever since.

Last Sunday against Arizona, Mare lined up for a field goal nine times and made all nine. Only five of them counted because of penalties, but Mare answered the call whenever he was asked. He definitely didn’t save his best at all.

He kicked a 31-yarder but it was called back on a holding penalty. So he then kicked a-41 yarder and that too was called back. He responded by booting a 51-yarder, and that time it counted. His five field goals led the Seahawks to a 22-10 win over Arizona.

Besides giving his best every minute, Olindo has learned another valuable lesson over the years. “You need to have a short memory no matter what the situation. That’s why I picked up golf so quickly. Most kickers and quarterbacks have short memories. You cannot dwell on your failures or successes for more than a few seconds.”

Good advice from a veteran NFL kicker who’s nine for nine this season and going strong. Don’t expect him to be satisfied with that though, he has a short memory and only his next kick is important to him now.

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