Turnover talk

Thursday’s turnover day at Seahawks headquarters, so the focus is on the football during meetings and practice today.

Uplifted by a +4 performance in Sunday’s 22-10 win, the Seahawks’ turnover margin has moved to +3 for the season behind 13 takeaways and 10 giveaways. The Raiders are +1, with 11 takeaways and 10 giveaways.

But that stat is slightly deceiving. The ball is awfully loose with the Raiders, who have fumbled a surprising 17 times this season but have only lost two. Both Oakland quarterbacks appear to set the pace on fumbles, as Jason Campbell has 40 fumbles in 57 career games, and Bruce Gradkowski has 18 fumbles in 30 career games.

League-wide, turnovers all but set the stage for a game’s outcome. Through Week 7, NFL teams with a plus or even turnover margin are 86-18 (83%).

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