Clamping down on the big plays

While coaches have been sharing glowing reviews from Sunday’s 23-20 win in Chicago, one key factor from the game is causing some consternation in the defensive staff room.

In the victory against the Bears, the defense gave up several big plays, a big no-no and a major cornerstone of the Seahawks’ philosophy. Turnovers are obviously No. 1, but preventing long gains comes in a close second, so the multitude of big plays is cause for concern for the coaching staff.

The Seahawks gave up 67-, 36- and 34-yard passes, a 58-yard pass-interference penalty and a 24-yard run on fourth-and-1, five plays that helped set up all 13 of Chicago’s offensive points on Sunday. Eliminate those lengthy gains — or at least limit them — and the complexion of the game would’ve taken on a completely different look and feel.

“We’ve got to get better at allowing big plays,” Coach Pete Carroll said. “We can’t give those up like that and expect to come out on top every time.”

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