Third time’s the charm

Besides turnovers, today’s focus also centers on third downs.

And considering the matchup on both sides of the ball when it comes to third downs, it could be a fascinating aspect of the game to watch on Sunday. When it comes to third-down conversions, the Seahawks offense and the Bears defense are near the top of the league leaders, while the Bears offense and Seahawks defense sit at or near the bottom of the respective third-down categories.

Here’s a look at how the teams’ third down numbers stack up when the Seahawks have the ball:

  • Seattle offense: 44 percent • No. 7 in the NFL
  • Chicago defense: 30 percent • No. 3 in the NFL

And here’s how the stats compare when the Bears have the ball:

  • Chicago offense: 21 percent • No. 32 in the NFL
  • Seattle defense: 43 percent • No. 28 in the NFL

So it’ll be a matchup of relative equals on both sides of the ball. Which team will bend and break from the trends?

Coach Pete Carroll is hoping the Seahawks rise up and set the pace on both offense and defense this weekend.

“We’ve got to seize this opportunity,” Carroll told his team this morning. “This is something that can really change the course of this game.”

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