Bump, set, spike

Volleyballs traditionally don’t have a place on a football field.

Defensive line coach Dan Quinn doesn’t follow tradition, apparently.

The Seahawks’ second-year assistant has crafted a special pass-defense drill for his linemen that includes a regulation volleyball. Quinn acts as the quarterback and throws the white ball as if he were throwing a screen pass, while a lineman charges in and attempts to block it.

“I’m just trying to increase awareness for when they’re blitzing, so they get their hands up and bat the ball down,” Quinn explained.

The exercise is already starting to pay off this season. Colin Cole and Brandon Mebane have one pass knockdown apiece, and Quinn’s hoping for more as the season goes on and the drill continues to be employed in practice.

But why a volleyball?

“It’s way easier to collect the balls and throw them quickly,” Quinn said. “Footballs bounce all over the place.”

Defensive line coach Dan Quinn uses a volleyball to help teach his linemen to bat passes down. [Photo by Rod Mar, Seahawks.com]

And the volleyball drill appears to be working, as Brandon Mebane knocks down a Sam Bradford pass during Sunday’s game. [Photo by Rod Mar, Seahawks.com]

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