Softening his stance

Asked Tuesday about his efforts to recruit Marshawn Lynch out of high school, Pete Carroll offered, “Yeah, we did and didn’t wind up getting him. We had to play against him and he was very difficult to play against. He was a monster in college.”

So Lynch went to Cal, while Carroll continued to coach at USC.

They’re finally together, after the Seahawks acquired Lynch in a trade the Buffalo Bills.

Asked Wednesday what he thought of Carroll when both were in the Pac-10, Lynch said, “I couldn’t stand him. Straight up, I couldn’t stand him. He was one of the only coaches you would see running up and down the field like he was playing the game. Running up, jumping and having fun with his players. They were over there dogging us and you just sit there watching them have all this fun, thinking, ‘Man, what he is doing? Run me to that sideline so I can hit him one time.’

“But I always just thought he was a fun guy, somebody that liked to have fun and liked to win. Which he’s had a career of doing – winning.”

And now that they’re finally on the same sideline, will Carroll’s energetic approach play any better?

“Yeah, I could probably get used to it now that I’m on the same side,” Lynch said.

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