‘We’re here to climb it’

The goal is simple. Getting there is the hard part.

“We’re trying to get as good as we can, and that means getting you as good as you can,” Coach Pete Carroll said during this morning’s team meeting. “There will continue to be challenges. It’s always going to be hard.

“We’ve got a huge mountain to climb, but we’re here to climb it.”

Faced with trying to bounce back from a 20-3 disappointment in St. Louis, the Seahawks are moving forward with their focus undeterred from the goal of winning the NFC West. It doesn’t matter what’s happened so far in 2010, especially with what happened last week, since 12 games remain in the season.

“We can’t settle for anything,” Carroll said. “We’ve got to turn our attention to what can we do, where can we go. One game doesn’t make us dead and gone. We have a long way to go, and we’re just getting started.”

Just getting started? Exactly. Carroll continues to employ the game-to-season allegory, as the Seahawks have just finished a quarter of their season and still have plenty left to play.

“Can you win a game in the first quarter?” Carroll asked rhetorically. “In the same way, you can’t win or lose a season in the first quarter.

“We’re just getting underway.”

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