Tough position to be in

You can lament several factors that contributed to Sunday’s loss, but one glaring aspect of the defeat might not get much attention.

The Seahawks got dominated in the all-important field position battle, so bad that Coach Pete Carroll is calling the disparity “awful.”

The average start to the Seahawks’ 13 drives was their own 21-yard line, while the Rams’ average was their own 38, a difference of 17 yards. But that tells just part of the story. Only four Seattle drives started outside its own 20-yard line, while only four of St. Louis’ 13 drives started inside its own 20.

The uneven field position battle hurts all phases of the game, as the offense is always dealing with a long field, the defense is facing a short field and special teams is under pressure to try to make up the difference.

“This is a back-breaker when the field position goes in the other team’s favor so drastically,” Carroll said. “We’ve got to get takeaways and limit our turnovers to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

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