Break time

Hello, bye.

The Seahawks have entered their bye week, a much-needed respite from the grind of the regular season. The break comes more than two months since training camp opened and the flurry of nonstop activity began.

What’s the plan for the bye week? The team will practice and meet on two days, giving players a significant amount of time off so they can rest, heal, spend time with their families and get away from football.

The strategy for the bye week is two-fold. One, it allows coaches to get away from game-planning and focus entirely on “fixing our football,” as Coach Pete Carroll says.

Secondly, Carroll pushes the inexperienced, younger players to the front and gives them an increased number of reps during three practices — the two practices this week and the one to start next week, dubbed “Bonus Monday.” The youth movement affords coaches an opportunity to see their yet-to-be-untapped potential in a risk-free Petri dish called the bye week, while also allowing veteran players extra rest.

“We want to see if we can elevate some younger players during this time,” Carroll said. “We’re trying to learn if any of the younger guys who haven’t played much yet can step up and help us for the rest of this season.”

Here’s a look at what the next two weeks will look like for the Seahawks:

Monday • Players off
Tuesday • Meetings and practice
Wednesday • Meetings and practice
Thursday-Sunday • Players off
Monday, Oct. 11 • “Bonus” Monday meetings and practice
Tuesday, Oct. 12 • Players off (regular weekly off day)
Wednesday, Oct. 13 • Commence Chicago Bears game week

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