Can’t stress it enough

In case you’re scoring at home, Coach Pete Carroll brought up turnovers “for the 1,000th time” during this morning’s team meeting.

OK, maybe it’s not as many times as he claims, but it’s probably pretty close.

During meetings today, Carroll hammered home the turnover point yet again on the latest installment of Turnover Thursday at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. He delivered validity to his point by bringing up the NFL-wide connection between turnovers and wins.

Through the first three weeks of the season, teams with a plus or even turnover margin are 42-6 (88 percent winning percentage), including a 15-1 mark in Week 3.

“All our emphasis must go back to the football,” Carroll told his players. “It’s so important — it’s the whole ballgame. We’ve got to be so conscious about the football.”

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