Photographical memories of a win

It’s been named “the winning mural,” and although it only takes up a 4-foot-by-10-foot spot in the 220,000-square-foot Virginia Mason Athletic Center, it fills a significant role in the workings of the team.

The giant photo collage, produced by 35-year team photographer Corky Trewin using photos by photographer Rod Mar and himself, features 30-40 images from the previous win and is hung prominently in a hallway between the locker room, weight room and training room. Every Monday following a win, without fail, you’ll see nearly every player, coach and staffer stand and gaze for a few moments at the mural, captivated by the pictures celebrating the victory.

“It gives players, coaches and staff the opportunity to reflect on those wonderful moments from the last win, which reminds them that there’s always one more win to get,” Trewin said of the rotating mural that has entered its sixth season and has attracted a cult following on the team. “It reminds them of how great that last win was.”

The winning mural doesn’t get made easily, although it does come together overnight. Trewin compiles his photos and Mar’s images from the game, selects the top 50 and then pieces them together to “tell a story.”

“I try to represent the entire team effort, including the fans,” Trewin said.

The process takes six hours before Trewin finishes up by 2 a.m. the morning after a win. He sleeps a little and then comes into VMAC to hang the giant frame at 6:30 a.m., just in time for the players and coaches to walk in for the new work week and see the reminder of the previous day’s win.

Tight end John Carlson (left) and linebacker Will Herring look at the “winning mural” that gets hung at team headquarters on the Monday following each win.

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