Turnover precognition

Coach Pete Carroll, a psychic?

Sure seemed like it during this morning’s team meeting, when he announced what the No. 1 key to Sunday’s game is going to be — turnovers.

“It’s going to be the factor in this ballgame,” Carroll said, kicking off “Turnover Thursday” at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The Chargers are coming off a six-takeaway performance in their win on Sunday, which followed a minus-1 effort in their season-opening loss. In a similar seesaw way, the Seahawks were minus-4 in their defeat on Sunday in Denver and plus-1 in their victory over San Francisco last week.

Carroll’s turnover-based ESP might just become reality this weekend at Qwest Field.

“It couldn’t be more poignant for us,” Carroll told his players this morning. “We’ve got to get after the football and protect it with all we got.”

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