Thomas remembers fallen friend

Earl Thomas had more on his mind in Sunday’s game at Denver than trying to counter everything the Broncos were throwing at him. The Seahawks’ rookie free safety also was coping with the death of his childhood friend.

Reggie Garrett, a senior quarterback at West Orange-Stark High School, collapsed on the sideline after throwing a touchdown pass last Friday night in Orange, Texas – where Thomas also grew up.

“I’m in a road game and thinking about what happened to him,” Thomas told the Denver Post after the Seahawks’ 31-14 loss to the Broncos. “A lot of stuff was going through my mind. I was kind of out of it most of the game, but I tried to push it to the side and play to best of my abilities.”

Thomas was a senior at West Orange-Stark when Garrett was a freshman, and they had trained together in the summers.

“He was something special,” Thomas said. “His death is just a shocker for everybody; it really affected the whole community.”

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