Noise factor

Looks like the tables have turned for the Seahawks.

After relishing home-field noise advantage in the season opener at Qwest Field last weekend, the Seahawks are heading to Denver’s Invesco Field — regarded as one of the NFL’s loudest stadiums — for the Broncos’ home opener on Sunday. The defense, after benefiting from crowd noise at home, will face near silence this weekend, while the offense will be going up against a wall of sound in one of the toughest venues to play in as a visitor.

The Seahawks are preparing accordingly, with piped-in crowd noise set to be blasted during practice today. Speakers ringing the field will project recorded fan noise during much of this afternoon’s workout to ready the offense for the atmosphere it’ll face on Sunday in Denver. The focus turns to effective communication on the offensive side of the ball, as hand signals and careful listening take on extra importance today and Sunday.

It’s a strategy the team will employ on the Wednesday prior to every away game.

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