Right in white

Forecasts are calling for sunny skies temperatures in the mid-80s on Sunday afternoon in Denver, and the Seahawks will have a minor advantage in light of the weather.

As the road squad, the Seahawks will wear the traditional white uniform while the home-team Broncos will don their navy jerseys for Sunday’s game, bucking an increasingly popular trend in the NFL. During the early weeks of each season, more and more teams that play in warm-weather regions have worn white at home to keep players cooler during the hottest times of the year, creating a slight disadvantage for the visitors who have to wear dark jerseys in the hot sun.

Teams must submit their uniform attire for all home games during the offseason, so the Broncos previously elected to wear their normal colored jerseys for the home game against the Seahawks this weekend, without obviously knowing what the weather would be like on Sept. 19.

During the first three weeks of the 2010 season, home teams will wear white on 15 occasions. For the remaining 14 weeks, home teams will wear white on just 18 occasions, with the Cowboys and Dolphins combining for 11 of those occurrences.

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