Protecting the paint

Presented with a perfect opportunity, the Seahawks groundskeepers are making the most of it today.

Thanks to it being an off day for the players, Tuesday’s schedule allows the team groundskeepers to get to work on the field, mowing and repainting it before the Seahawks retake the turf for practices over the next three days.

Preparing the field for practice is quite the painstaking process. The crew started the work with a final mow at 6 a.m. and won’t finish painting all the lines and hashmarks until about 4 p.m. — a 10-hour procedure the groundskeepers perform every week.

Seahawks groundskeeper Duc Dinh paints the hashmarks on the Seahawks’ practice fields this afternoon, part of a 10-hour preparation process the groundskeepers undertake to prepare the field each week.

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