‘We’re getting closer’

Almost against intuition, a calm is settling over the Seahawks on their final day before Sunday’s game.

With the week of preparation in their back pockets, the team has moved into the very last step before kickoff, a day of review and mental prep that includes morning meetings, a 30-minute walk-thru and night meetings. The game planning, studying and film watching is all but complete, leaving just a few hours of final review and instilling a peace in the players and coaches.

As the coaches all say in some form, there comes a point when you’ve done all you can do. The tranquility associated with that assurance carries the Seahawks through their final stage of preparation, right up until kickoff on Sunday afternoon.

“This is our chance to finish it all off just right,” Coach Pete Carroll told his players this morning. “Today’s not a physical workload, but a mental one. We’re getting closer — let’s do this right.”

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