Special memories for Norton

Ken Norton Jr. has a knack for this kind of thing.

In his first game as the Seahawks linebackers coach, Norton will be facing off against the 49ers, the team that he played seven seasons for and won a Super Bowl with. The familiar-foe scenario is nothing new for the three-time Pro Bowl linebacker, who dealt with it on the 49ers when playing the Cowboys, the team that drafted him, and for six seasons as a coach at USC, when he’d annually match up against UCLA, his alma mater.

“Somehow I end up in these situations all the time,” Norton said with a laugh.

His next “situation” is now just two days away, and Sunday’s game will admittedly be a cherished experience for Norton.

“Anytime you play against a team you have history with, real positive history with, it’s very special and brings back great memories,” Norton, 43, said. “Every time I’m watching film or preparing for this game, a different memory comes up — sitting in the locker room with Jerry Plummer, riding the bus with Deion Sanders, going to practice with Jerry Rice.

“This first game is very special, just because it brings back a lot of memories for me.”

Ken Norton Jr., the Seahawks’ first-year linebackers coach, will be facing the team he played seven seasons for come Sunday at Qwest Field. [Photo courtesy of AP Images]

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