Focused on the football

It’s Turnover Thursday at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, and, as Coach Pete Carroll says, “it’s all about the ball.”

True, that’s the case all day every day for the Seahawks, but the football takes on extra special importance on this weekly themed day. The overall practice victory is up for grabs today, as the offense will try to protect the football and not give up a turnover throughout the workout while the defense will aim to record at least one takeaway.

Turnover stats also become a big part of Turnover Thursday. The Seahawks went plus-3 during the preseason, a positive turnover margin and one that shows that the team is applying the lessons learned during practices. The 49ers went plus-1 during the preseason and plus-6 overall in 2009, but they do show some vulnerabilities. In 43 career games, quarterback Alex Smith has 30 fumbles, losing 14, and 43 interceptions.

As always, Carroll warned that the final result on Sunday will more than likely come down to the turnover margin.

“This is all about winning,” said Carroll. “It couldn’t be more clear.”

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