Seizing the days

Days of the week aren’t just normal days of the week at Seahawks headquarters.

Thanks to Coach Pete Carroll’s carefully orchestrated themed days during game week preparation, the Seahawks have an articulated premise for each day. Take a look at how a normal in-season week plays out, a strategy Carroll has famously utilized in various forms since his first NFL head coaching job in the ’90s:

  • “Tell the Truth Monday” • The team discusses the pluses and minuses from the previous game so that they “can move forward together and be clear with what needs to be worked on,” Carroll said.
  • Day off Tuesday • Players receive a break from workouts, meetings and other team-related activities, per NFL off day rules. This is the main day the Seahawks make their mark doing charitable appearances in the community.
  • “Competition Wednesday” • Coaches and players turn the focus inward on the hardest practice day of the week. “It’s all about competition on this day,” Carroll said. “It’s about us and getting us right by practicing our tails off.”
  • “Turnover Thursday” • The offense stresses taking care of the football while the defense focuses on taking away the football during the practice, with both sides fighting for the day’s “victory.” “Our No. 1 emphasis is taking care of the football,” Carroll said. “This day lets us get back to our philosophy of ‘it’s all about the ball.’ It’s dedicated to getting after and protecting the football.”
  • “No Repeat Friday” • The goal for the day is to be so precise that no plays in the brief practice need to be repeated or reviewed. “We want to make sure everything is just right and that we get everything exactly the way we want it for the game,” Carroll said.
  • “Review Saturday” • After three days of intense practices, the team tapers down to a final review on the day before the big test. Meetings and the brief walk-thru are geared toward fine-tuning and running through the game plan.
  • Game day Sunday • The previous six days of preparation come together for the final product on Sunday afternoon. “You win the game by the way you prepare through the week,” Carroll said. “If you prepare your best, you put yourself in position to play your very best in the game.”

Each day carries with it its own unique emphasis and importance, with each adding up to the team’s well-articulated weekly package of preparation.

“We have the themes so our focus is tuned in and we have a routine every day of every week,” Carroll said. “The clear routine helps us get the most out of our preparation.”

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