Laying the foundation

It was virtually the same speech he gave five weeks ago at the start of Bing Training Camp, but for obvious reasons, today seemed like the true beginning of the 2010 season as Coach Pete Carroll delivered his introductory address during this afternoon’s team meeting.

He’s now given the same speech four times to these Seahawks — and countless times to his previous teams — but it still carries a freshness to it every time as he goes through the cornerstones of the organization:

  • Philosophy: It’s all about the ball • “You win by taking care of the football,” Carroll said.
  • Central theme: Competition • “Practice is everything, it’s where we make us,” Carroll said.
  • Three rules: Always protect the team; no whining, no complaining, no excuses; be early
  • Style: Great effort, great enthusiasm, great toughness and play smart

Carroll articulated it all yet again for both the new players and the ones who had heard it before. Repetition, as Carroll says, is an important method of learning, so it never hurts to lay out the principles and philosophies of the team another time.

And right when he was done with his Philosophy 101 lecture, Carroll transitioned the focus to Sunday’s season opener against San Francisco at Qwest Field, a game that builds directly into his mentality of capturing the NFC West this season.

“We need to become champions before we do anything,” Carroll said. “And if we’re going to be a championship football team, we’ve got to dominate at home.

“We get our chance to start that this weekend.”

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