Finish focus

For the second straight game, the Seahawks had a fourth-quarter lead on Saturday.

But for the second straight game, the Seahawks gave the advantage away en route to a loss.

It’s why the focus has turned to finishing during game review meetings this morning, and why Coach Pete Carroll is making a push to improve the issue.

“Finishing is continuing to play our football,” Carroll told players this morning. “We didn’t do that this weekend or last. We’ve got to continue to do things right longer than the other guys, and we fell short of that these past two games.”

In Saturday’s game against Minnesota, the Seahawks had a 13-10 lead with eight minutes remaining before allowing two touchdowns. And in last weekend’s game against Green Bay, the Seahawks led 24-17 with nine minutes left before giving up 10 points. Regardless of what string was playing in the fourth quarter of both games, it’s a cause for concern for Carroll and his assistants, and today they’re pointing out key elements to finishing strong — eliminating the big plays on defense and taking care of the football on offense, a pair of areas the team has struggled in during the last two games.

But how will the Seahawks get better at finishing? Just like anything else — through rehearsal. In workouts, practices, rehab assignments and meetings, coaches are stressing the importance of finishing strong and finishing right.

“If we do things right all the way to the end, we’ll win a lot of football games,” Carroll told his team. “It sounds trite but it’s the facts.”

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