Packed up and ready to go

Packing up for any trip can be time-consuming and daunting.

Now imagine doing it for an entire football team.

All week, the Seahawks equipment staff has been diligently preparing and packing for this weekend’s roadtrip to Minnesota, the team’s first away game of 2010. Uniforms, helmets, pads, cleats, undershirts, coaching gear, shoes, socks, headsets, video equipment, medical supplies and more will have been packed into 65 trunks and 100 equipment bags by the end of the week and then taken to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where they’ll be loaded onto the team charter bound for Minneapolis.

All in all, more than 14,000 pounds of equipment — more than seven tons — will be transported to and from Minnesota, head equipment manager Erik Kennedy said. It will take only 10-12 minutes to load and unload the equipment on the tarmac because of the tightly carried out process that Kennedy and his staff have perfected in recent years.

Fortunately, Kennedy said, the preseason started at home so the equipment staffers could get two games under their belts and work through the various issues that arise with jerseys, pads and other game gear before hitting the road. It’ll be old hat for the equipment staff come this weekend — except for one aspect.

“Everything’s the same but the color we’ll be wearing,” Kennedy said, referring to the white tops and pants the Seahawks will don as the visiting team on Saturday night.

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