Color awareness

It may seem minor, but the Seahawks will be doing something during today’s practice for the first time since 2009.

The offense and defense will be switching jersey colors this afternoon, the offense going from navy to white and vice versa for the defense. Although it seems somewhat trivial, the fashion switch actually has a very strategic role in the preparation process.

Coaches want the quarterbacks to throw in practice to the color of jersey they’ll be seeing in the upcoming game, so with Saturday’s matchup at Minnesota being the first road contest since 2009, the Seahawks are making the color change for this afternoon’s workout. The team will don white jerseys on Saturday, meaning the offense will wear white in practice this week to get the quarterbacks accustomed to passing to the light jersey color.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said he has never put too much stock into the jersey changes, suggesting it’s more of a tradition than a tried-and-true tactic that leads to victory.

“It’s really no big deal,” Hasselbeck said, shrugging off the jersey carousel strategy. “Some coaches switch it up, some coaches keep the jerseys the same every week. Honestly I’ve never thought about it all that much.”

For the 40 OTA, minicamp and training camp practices previously this offseason, the offense had worn navy and the defense had been in white because the first two preseason games were at home.

During offseason and preseason practices, the Seahawks offense had worn navy jerseys and the defense had donned white to add an extra element of preparation to the process. But that will all switch today with the team preparing for a road game this weekend. [Photo by Rod Mar,]

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