Game festivities

Saturday’s preseason game against the Green Bay Packers will be filled with loads of fanfare.

Besides the game itself — the Seahawks’ final exhibition matchup at home — many more fun things will be going on the periphery. A school supply drive will take place, national recording artist Sam Brooker will sing the national anthem, Junior Sea Gals will perform at halftime and 50,000 Credit Card key chains from Seattle Bank will be distributed to fans at the gate.

The weather should also be pleasant, with forecasts calling for temperatures in the 60s and the rain holding off until after the game.

And for your information, here’s a look at the minute-by-minute agenda for the hours leading up to the game on Saturday night:

3 p.m. • Halftime performance rehearsal
4 p.m. • Sea Gals rehearsal
4:30 p.m. • Anthem sound check
5 p.m. • Referee’s mic check
5 p.m. • Gates open
5:15 • Youth football scrimmage
6 p.m. • Field available for Seahawks/Packers
6:45 p.m. • Teams clear the field
6:51 p.m. • Sea Gals perform
6:53 p.m. • Packers leave locker room
6:55 p.m. • Packers introduced
6:55:30 p.m. • Seahawks leave locker room
6:56 p.m. • Seahawks introduced
6:59:30 p.m. • National anthem
7:03 p.m. • Coin toss
7:04 p.m. • Teams take the field
7:04 p.m. • 12th Man flag
7:05 p.m. • Kickoff

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