Hard rock

Like any other coach, Pete Carroll is imploring his players to play hard.

But unlike any other coach, he’s explaining exactly why.

Carroll used Wednesday’s practice as a springboard for that concept, addressing his players about the magnitude of going “full-speed every step.”

“If you want to be unique, if you want to be special, you’ve got to get yourself to go hard every chance you get,” Carroll said. “That’s when you become great. It’s hard to do, it’s uncommon, because it’s against human nature to go that hard for that long.”

As difficult as it is to go all-out all the time, the onus falls on each individual. As Carroll says, “it’s totally on us” and falls into the category of something that can be controlled internally. And the head coach will continue emphasizing this point because “it’s too important not to.”

“How good do you want to be? How far do you want to take this?” Carroll rhetorically asked his players. “Let’s not be normal. Let’s be serious about showing who we are every single play.

“And when we go hard every play, every day, it becomes who we are.”

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