Breaking camp without fanfare

Following this afternoon’s half-pads practice, the Seahawks will enjoy a team barbeque on the field with family members.

That’s not the only reason today’s special, though.

After 20 practices in 20 days, the Seahawks will officially break camp following the workout this afternoon. Bing Training Camp 2010 will have come to a close and the players will move out of a local hotel and return to their homes. But other than where they’ll sleep from here on out, not much will change as the preseason rolls along and the regular season — now just 24 days away — approaches.

Two-a-days wrapped up nearly two weeks ago and the daily grind has already started to taper off, so the preparation agenda won’t change at all after the team breaks camp. And because the team hosts training camp at its home practice facility, there’s no moving out of dorms and flying home tonight after practice. For the most part, life goes on as is for the Seahawks even though camp will have officially ended today.

“It’ll be business as usual,” Coach Pete Carroll said. “We didn’t even realize that today was anything different. Our preparation continues like normal.”

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