A look ahead

The Seahawks are oh-so-close to their second exhibition game — a Saturday night home matchup against Green Bay — and with it comes an important mile marker.

The preseason will reach its halfway point.

This weekend marks the three-week mark since Bing Training Camp began and signals just three weeks until the season opener against San Francisco on Sept. 12.

Game preparation for Saturday’s matchup will kick into high gear on Friday, known as “the day before” for the Seahawks. The day will be split into a morning portion of meetings and a very light practice and then a night portion containing all the final pre-game meetings at a local hotel. Take a look at the agenda for the Seahawks on Friday:

6:30-8:30 a.m. • Breakfast
8 a.m. • Special teams meeting
8:45 a.m. • Team meeting
9 a.m. • Offense/defense meetings
11:25 a.m. • Practice #21
1:10 p.m. • Lunch
1:30-7:30 p.m. • Break
7:30 p.m. • Special teams meeting
8 p.m. • Offense/defense meetings
8:30 p.m. • Team meeting
8:45 p.m. • Snack
9 p.m. • Chapel/mass
11 p.m. • Bed check

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