Shifting into game week

After spending Monday and Tuesday reviewing the preseason opener and, as Coach Pete Carroll likes to say, “focusing on our football,” the Seahawks now move into Green Bay Packers game week with today’s “Competition Wednesday” meetings and practice.

“Now we turn our focus to the next game,” Carroll told his players during this morning’s team meeting, “and the next opponent.”

Today marks the official start to the game week flow, with today’s competition-themed workout followed by “Turnover Thursday” and “No Repeat Friday” before the game on Saturday night at Qwest Field. Playbooks and game plans have been distributed this morning, meaning players are already deep into game mode.

“It’s so important that we get our game going and get our stuff right,” Carroll said. “Everyone we play is a great challenge. The game is a great challenge. We’ve got to get right, starting today.

“Let’s make sure it’s a great start to the week.”

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