Examining the truths

“Tell the Truth” Monday has arrived at Seahawks headquarters, and while there are plenty of areas that need improvement, Coach Pete Carroll wanted to talk about one glaring fact from Saturday’s 20-18 win at Qwest Field.

“The truth is, it was so fun playing football,” a grinning Carroll exclaimed at the start of this afternoon’s team meeting. “A lot of really cool things happened.”

Indeed, and not the least of which was a victory and some stellar play all over the field. After listing off several big performances by individual players, Carroll also expressed delight in the limited number of penalties (4 for 36 yards), the plus-1 turnover mark and superb third-down numbers (the offense converted 47% of the time and the defense held Tennessee to a 33% conversion rate).

“This was a great start for us,” Carroll told his team. “But it wasn’t a surprise considering how hard we’ve worked so far.”

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