Minute-by-minute breakdown

The minutes leading up to a game are about as exact a science as you can get.

Even during the preseason.

Game management officials and team personnel use the exhibition games as a dry run for the regular season, with the pregame agenda scheduled out to the minute — and sometimes to the second.

Take a look at how detailed the itinerary is leading up to the game on Saturday:

3 p.m. • Halftime performance rehearsal
4 p.m. • Sea Gals rehearsal; anthem sound check
4:15 • Referee’s mic check
5 p.m. • Gates open
5:15 • Youth football scrimmage
6 p.m. • Field available for Seahawks/Titans
6:45 p.m. • Teams clear the field
6:51 p.m. • Sea Gals perform
6:53 p.m. • Titans leave locker room
6:55 p.m. • Titans introduced
6:56:30 p.m. • Seahawks leave locker room
6:57 p.m. • Seahawks introduced
6:59:30 p.m. • National anthem
7:03 p.m. • Coin toss
7:04 p.m. • Teams take the field
7:04 p.m. • 12th Man flag
7:05 p.m. • Kickoff

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