Getting right, in every way

The Seahawks aren’t messing around when it comes to making sure things go off without a hitch at Qwest Field on Saturday night.

Preparation for the preseason opener has now even spanned into pregame logistics, as the team spent about 15 minutes in VMAC’s indoor practice facility going through how introductions, stretching, warm-ups will go before Saturday’s game and all other games this fall. The logistics run-through even included a spine-tingling imitation of Taima the hawk by offensive lineman Chester Pitts and a rousing rendition of the national anthem by defensive lineman Craig Terrill, who received a warm round of applause from his teammates.

“The goal of today is to get ourselves right for tomorrow,” Carroll said. “Knowing exactly what we’re doing and being comfortable with it all will help us perform at our best come game time.”

In the indoor practice facility, the Seahawks spend a few minutes this morning going through the logistics of pre-game activities, including stretching lines.

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