Turnover day

It’s not just Thursday at Seahawks headquarters.

It’s “Turnover Thursday.”

This week being the first game week of the fall, Coach Pete Carroll has added his own unique, time-tested flair to the usual Gregorian calendar to cast light on certain emphases as the team prepares for Saturday. Today’s focus is all about protecting the ball for the offense and taking the ball away for the defense, while Wednesday was “Competition Wednesday.” They’ve been shifted back a day to account for game days being on Sundays instead of Saturdays, but these are the same midweek themes Carroll employed at USC.

Like everything else in Carroll’s plan, the competition will be on during this turnover-themed day. Following individual drills aimed at either protecting or taking away the ball, the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 periods will be a battle to see whether the offense or defense will “win” the day. On “Turnover Thursday,” the offense captures the victory if it pitches a shutout and doesn’t give up a turnover, while the defense wins if it records even one takeaway.

“We’ve done a fantastic job with our turnover emphasis so far in camp,” said Carroll, who’s always reminds his players that the team’s philosophy is, “it’s all about the ball.” “But let’s turn it up a notch today. Everyone plays a part in taking care of or getting the football.

“We’re not backing off this one bit.”

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