Gatorade to the rescue

If there’s ever a worldwide shortage of Gatorade, look no further than the Seahawks as the cause.

During Bing Training Camp and throughout the year, the team goes through an extravagant amount of the sports drink to combat dehydration and maintain healthy hydration techniques.

Just how extravagant? During the month-long training camp, the Seahawks will consume 24,000 20-ounce bottles of Gatorade, according to assistant athletic trainer Donald Rich. That’s nearly a half-million fluid ounces of Gatorade consumed by coaches and players during August alone.

The pace will slow down considerably during the season because the roster gets cut, the pace of the schedule slows and the temperature drops. During a calendar year, the Seahawks go through about 70,000 bottles of Gatorade, or 1.4 million fluid ounces.

It’s for good reason, too. Athletic trainers make a big push for players to be hydrated and remain hydrated, a tough task as the players go through weightlifting, walk-thrus and practices. Mandatory weigh-ins before and after every practice help athletic trainers keep an eye on dehydration signs, and the rule of thumb is to drink one 20-ounce Gatorade for every pound lost during a practice with the goal of returning to their pre-practice weight by the next workout.

The hydration campaign helps prevent cramping and injuries, head athletic trainer Sam Ramsden said. It also improves mental capacities too.

“Studies have shown that dehydration has an effect on cognitive and decision-making abilities,” Ramsden said. “So staying hydrated is important in so many ways for everyone.”

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